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Learning + Play = Finnish Way

Get Finland’s world renowned learning in your living room

Busy parents
Love our live out-of-school programs because our coaches from Finland keep each child highly engaged through hands-on experience and personal attention

Busy kids
Love our live out-of-school programs... well they’re just fun.

Different activities, the same goal

No matter which individual lesson or program your child is in, there's always the same goal.
Good times to remember. Learning they'll never forget.

Chemistry & Creativity Science Program for children 8-10 years

Chemistry & Creativity Science program for children 8-10 years

A science program which teaches kids about chemistry, communication, forming arguments and creativity.
  • Science
  • Experiments
  • Creativity

16th of September to 14th of October (5 x 45 min lessons)
Practise kitchen chemistry-related skills like: measuring, interpreting recipes and stain removal.
90.00 $

Creative Snackbox Chef program for children 7-10 years

Learn to make delicious snacks while learning creativity and experimentation with food!
  • Cooking
  • Experiments
  • Creativity

26th of September to 31th of October (5 x 1 hour lessons)
Pink dragon smoothies.
112.00 $

Fun Movement lesson for children 5-7 years

Combine movement with meditation - Increase balance skills and learn about spacial awareness.
  • Movement
  • Excercise
  • Mindfulness

27th of September (45 min lesson)
Increase dynamic and static balance skills.
21.00 $

Upiopi is unique

Why? Because each lesson balances the four future skills of happy, creative, active and smart. This means your child gets the best joyful, holistic learning experience. (But shhhh... just tell them it’s about fun!)

You say Upi

We say Opi

Cheers for our upiopers, the kids in our programs. We love them!

But more importantly, the upiopers and their parents love us. Here's what they have to say about our programs.



Mom of a 5 year old upioper

I love these science sessions as it's teaching Steph how to follow instructions!

Upioper showing his ready animation movie!


9 year old upioper

I really liked making my own animation movie and music, it was really fun thank you!

Mom of upiopers


Mom of 6 and 8 year old upiopers

The kids love upiopi and are completely immersed in the activities, just like they would be if they attended a class in person!